The Band
Front man Colin Orthmann and bassist Mark Peters met in 2010 and quickly bonded over catchy, energetic indie-rock. They soon formed Outside Animals and played constantly in Los Angeles. They released a self-produced EP, Black Room, in 2013 and started building a solid local fan base heading into 2014. Unfortunately, the new year found Colin and Mark as the lone members of Outside Animals after losing two band mates.


After spending 2014 reflecting on his music, Colin was revitalized when he met his long time idol, Weezer front man, Rivers Cuomo at a live performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.


“It was a strange and wonderful experience. I found myself talking to Rivers about Shakespeare and songwriting. I could tell how excited he was about life and it inspired me to go home and write music that really excited me.” -Colin


What followed was the writing and recording of their self titled EP that has yet to be released. The EP was recorded and mixed by Todd Bergman and produced by Andrew Furze of Block of Joy.


The band will be announcing a new lineup and shows in short order.